September 11-15, 2017
New Beverage

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Uncle Matt’s

Uncle Matt’s Organic Clermont, FL 12-ounces and 59-ounces
$1.99 Suggested Retail Price

Uncle Matt’s Organic is offering its juices in 12-ounce single serve containers for the on-the-go consumers. The company is offering it most popular juice varieties, pulp-free orange, calcium with vitamin D orange, Orchard–style Apple, Grapefruit and Homestyle Lemonade. Uncle Matt’s juices use organic ingredients and are also offered in family size containers of 59-ounces. As with all Uncle Matt's products, no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers ever used in the growing process, the company says, and only 100 percent USA fruit is sourced for its juices. The juices will be available late spring in select markets with a nationwide rollout in August to top retailers via United Natural Foods.

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