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Puerto Rican Flag On Beer Causes Stir

Puerto Rican leaders are ripping the placement of the Puerto Rican flag on cans of Coors Light beer. The National Institute for Latino Policy says the appearance of the flag and the National Puerto Rican Parade logo on the cans sends an inappropriate message about Puerto Rican culture. (NY1)


Champagne Gets Recognition in China

The world's most famous bubbles have gained new recognition in China. Chinese authorities have registered Champagne as an official label, according to the Champagne trade organization representing the French brands and grape growers. The move limits the use of the name to sparkling wine made in France's Champagne region. (WSJ)


Gin and Tonic Star of Summer 2013?

Bad news, hipsters: If you’re not drinking gin and tonics this summer, you’re drinking the wrong thing. Both The New York Times and Slate recently published pieces making the case that the classic cocktail is the libation of Summer 2013. (Globe and Mail)