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Coke Campaign Mired in Israeli Identity Politics

Earlier this week, one Arab-Israeli citizen sent a legal petition to an Israeli court calling a new Coke ad campaign discriminatory. Not one Arabic name, he pointed out, appears among the popular Israeli names identified by the drinks giant, even though Israel’s Arab population numbers more than 1.5 million. (Washington Post)


Coors Launches 'World's Most Refreshing Can'

Coors Light says it is on a mission to refresh the most people this summer and is pulling out all the stops to do it. Whether delivered by beer vending machine or dog sled, Coors Light is using cool and unexpected ways to arm as many legal-drinking-age consumers as possible with the World’s Most Refreshing Beer.


Report: PepsiCo Leaning on Snacks More

As the nation’s second largest soft drink maker (behind Coke) continues to try to breathe new life into the carbonated soft drinks category, soda sales continue to slip. That leaves PepsiCo, based in Purchase, N.Y. ever more reliant on the maker of Lay’s and Doritos. (Dallas Morning News)


German Brewers Concerned About Fracking

The Brauer-Bund beer association is worried that fracking for shale gas, which involves pumping water and chemicals at high pressure into the ground, could pollute water used for brewing and break a 500-year-old industry rule on water purity. (The Telegraph)


Brewers Team up to Help Military Families

Nine different brewers collaborated to create Homefront IPA, all using the same recipe, complete with orange peel and unfinished maple Louisville Sluggers. Toward the end of the fermentation process the beer soaks in a tank with the maple bats. (ABC News/AP)