September 11-15, 2017


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Pepsi to Enter as Troops Leave Afghanistan

PepsiCo will open its first plant in Afghanistan in 2014, its Afghan partner said on Monday, the same year foreign troops complete their withdrawal from the country after 13 years of war. (Yahoo/Reuters)


Coke Ad Targets India-Pakistan Tensions

A new, three-minute ad by Coca-Cola, “Small World Machines,” starts with a relatively straightforward premise: India and Pakistan do not get along so well. It ends with the promise of peace: “Togetherness, humanity, this is what we all want, more and more exchange,” a woman, either Indian or Pakistani, narrates as the music swells. Sounds great. How do we get there? By buying Coke, of course. (The Washington Post)


Coke Researching Low Recycling Rates

Researchers from the University of Exeter are working with Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) on a ground-breaking study with 20 households in Great Britain and France to observe at-home recycling behaviors. The study will seek to understand why recycling rates are so low, despite people expressing strong beliefs towards environmental behaviors. (


Cape Cod Women Celebrate Craft Beer

This week, beer lovers nationwide celebrated American Craft Beer Week by raising a pint glass (or two) to their favorite small and independent craft brewers. It's fitting, then, that Cape Cod Girls' Pint Out, a women-only group that meets monthly to drink and socialize, gathered at Sage Inn and Lounge on Sunday afternoon to imbibe a variety of brews, courtesy of Mayflower Brewing Company. (Cape Cod Times)