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Budweiser Launches New Bowtie-Shaped Can

Budweiser beer is launching a new bowtie-shaped beer can, structured to mirror the brand’s logo. The can will launch in the US next month, but will not be available in other countries. (Design Week)


Asset Sale in Beer Tie-up Among Largest

The assets that brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev SA intends to sell to win approval for its deal with Mexico's Grupo Modelo would be among the largest divestitures ever required by U.S. antitrust enforcers, government officials said. (Thomson Reuters)


Coke's Independent Bottlers see Shifting Role

Coca-Cola has struck preliminary deals to begin handing back more of its U.S. distribution network to independent bottlers, a move that's expected to improve profit margins in its flagship market. (Associated Press)


Coke Launching Solar-Powered African Kiosks

Coca-Cola is using green technology to consolidate its African market share. The global soft drink giant is offering heavily subsidized solar power kits to kiosk owners--the hope is that wiring previously grid-free grocery kiosks for electricity will allow them to stay open longer into the day, and sell more Coca-Cola products. Partner One Degree Solar is providing Coca-Cola with their BrightBulb solar kits, which will then be distributed to thousands of grocery kiosks across Kenya. (Fast Company)


UK Acts on 'Beer Tie' to Help Pub Tenants

Britain's government said on Monday that it would introduce new rules to clamp down on the 'beer tie' by which tenanted pubs are forced to buy their beer from the companies who run their leases. (Reuters)


Anger over Vietnam War beer

A craft beer branded with Vietnam War references has been labelled "cheap" and "disrespectful" by the president of New Zealand’s Returned Soldiers’ Association (RSA). (Bangkok Post)