September 11-15, 2017


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Southern Wine Strengthens Pacific Northwest Coverage

John Klein, Executive Vice President, General Manager of Southern Wine & Spirits of America’s seven Pacific Northwest markets — divisions of Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc., announced today the appointment of Gregg Risley as Vice President, Operations - SWS-PNW. Regarding the Company’s operations in Oregon, Klein also announced that Shawn Youmans has accepted the role of Vice President, Operations - Southern Wine & Spirits of Oregon. The appointments of both Risley and Youmans were effective January 20, 2013. Risley will report to Klein, and Youmans will report to Risley.


Pepsi Sending 2 Minnesotans to Super Bowl

Two best friends have won a free trip to the Super Bowl by striking a pose. Both young women entered a contest by Pepsi to appear in the halftime show with Beyonce. Both entered separately. Both won.


Tennessee Brewers Support Proposed Tax Change

Tennessee has the nation’s highest tax on beer, and it’s stifling the growth of the state’s fledgling craft-brewing industry, say leaders of the state’s malt-beverage brewers and wholesalers. To help correct that, they’re supporting a bill expected to be filed in the General Assembly this week to restructure the tax, although they say the changes won’t lower the tax — or even improve the state’s highest-tax ranking. (