September 11-15, 2017


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Regulators to Ask AB InBev for Concessions in Modelo Deal

The Department of Justice is about to check the King of Beers. Regulators will soon ask Anheuser-Busch InBev — the world’s biggest brewer — to make major concessions to complete its $19 billion buyout of Grupo Modelo, a well-placed source said. Critics of the deal believe allowing Busch, with its Budweiser and other brands owning approximately 47 percent of the US beer market, to buy Modelo, whose Corona and 11 other brands control 6 percent, will give it too much pricing power. (NY Post)


South African Wine Industry Optimistic

Following a few very tough years, the South African wine industry is being buoyed by a new sense of optimism on the back of record export levels, the likelihood of one of the best harvests this year, the penetration of new markets and growing praise from some of the wine world's most influential opinion formers. Su Birch, CEO of Wines of South Africa (WOSA), confirmed that exports for 2012 had reached 417 million liters, 10 million liters more than the previous record of 407 million liters achieved in 2008 and a 17 percent increase on volumes in 2011. "The record levels are the result of a more favorable currency, as well as the global shortage of wines, stemming from a significant drop in the recent harvests of competitor wine-producing nations in Europe, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand.


Study: Red Wine May Boost Testosterone

A compound in red wine could increase levels of testosterone circulating in your body by inhibiting the way you excrete the hormone, according to new research in Nutrition Journal. (Men's Health)


French Say Climate Change May Threaten Wine

From rising shorelines to devastating hurricanes, the visible effects scientists say climate change is wreaking on daily life no longer surprise many people around the world. The French have their own take on just how radically life may change. “In 20 years, the English will be making Grenache from Chateauneuf-du-Pape,” says Herve Lethielleux, co-owner of L’Etiquette, a wine boutique in central Paris, about a wine variety from subtropical southeastern France. That’s because the changing climate is affecting the delicate balance of weather, soil and other factors that are central to the production one of their main commodities, something that’s already had a visible effect elsewhere around the globe. (Alaska Dispatch)


Scotch Whisky Group Challenges U.K. Minimum Pricing

A legal challenge to the Scottish government’s plan for minimum pricing on alcohol kicks off this week in Edinburgh, with the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) claiming it would break UK and European Union law. A petition for Judicial Review in the Court of Session is being launched on Tuesday by the trade body, along with SpiritsEurope and Comite Vins, its counterparts for the respective spirits and wine sectors in Europe. (The Scotsman)


Sprecher Makes Hard Root Beer

Craft brewer and gourmet soda maker Sprecher Brewing Company is marrying the two categories in its latest offering: Hard Root Beer. Unlike the non-alcoholic Root Beer Sprecher is known for, this is an old-fashioned fermented Root Beer with 5 percent alcohol by volume.