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China: Cafe Culture Threatens Tea Houses

“Not for all the tea in China,” is a handy way to express extreme unwillingness to do something in the English language – because China is synonymous with tea. But the way China is latching onto coffee culture these days, China’s relationship with tea may never be the same again. (Financial Times)


Vt. Brewery Toasted for Safe Beer-Making

Scott Meyer of the Vt. Labor Dept. has named Otter Creek Brewing in Middlebury, Vt., which also produces the organic line Wolaver’s, and the brand Shed, among the safest breweries in the nation. (NECN.com)


L.A. Beer Hop Brings Brewery Tours Back to the City

Hal Mooney, the owner and bus operator behind the newest craft beer niche business, now finds himself most weekends behind the wheel of a moving, hulking beer machine. The 16-passenger bus, emblazoned with a BEER TOURS placard across the top, can be found running circles around the craft beer brewery scene in Los Angeles County. (KCET)


Study Shows How Red Wine Compound Slows Aging

A compound found in red wine, fruits and vegetables can help slow aging by making two anti-aging genes work together better, scientists in Hong Kong report. While they were working in mice, they hope their findings can shed light on efforts to slow aging in people. (NBCnews.com)