September 11-15, 2017


Beverage World presents the latest news from across the worldwide beverage market.

Craft Beer Group Criticizes Large Brewers

The Brewers Association issued a statement today criticizing larger brewers for trying to “blur the lines” between what it called their “craft-like beers” and brews made from smaller craft brewers.


Cola War Breaks Out in Thailand

Since 2 November est Cola has set up strongholds in most major supermarkets and convenience stores across the nation. Also, in the short span of a month they were able to breach into what is considered by cola military analysts as the key position for victory – fast food soda fountain machines. (Rocket News 24)


Da Nang Rejects Coke Expansion Proposal

Coca-Cola Vietnam proposed to expand production of its Da Nang-based manufacturing plant in early Ocotber, but the city’s People’s Committee has turned down the demand. (TUOITRENEWS )


Bacardi Tops 150th Anniversary with Time Capsule

Bacardi Limited capped off the year long celebration of its 150th anniversary with the creation of a commemorative time capsule to symbolize the unity, passion and pioneering spirit of Bacardi—the Company, family and iconic rum brand. The time capsule acts as a living snapshot of the Company in 2012 and also carries messages from current-day employees to Bacardi employees of 2062—50 years from now—to honor the enduring Bacardi legacy when it is opened on its 200th anniversary.


NY C-Store Chain Switches Up Coffee

Bolla Market, the New York area’s chain of high-end convenience stores, today announced it has switched to only top-quality organic, Fair Trade, and Bird Friendly specialty coffee for all its coffee offerings. ‘Bolla Gourmet Organic Coffee’ will be sold at the company’s 21 locations recently reopened post-Hurricane Sandy and located from Brooklyn to Riverhead on Long Island as well as on Staten Island. In making the switch, the company will become one of the largest convenience store chains to provide only organic, Fair Trade, and Bird Friendly shade grown coffee as its coffee offerings in the U.S.


Five Millionth Butterbeer Served at Universal

Universal Orlando Resort and its guests on Wednesday celebrated the five-millionth serving of Butterbeer – the incredibly popular themed beverage sold within The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. One thousand guests were given complimentary Butterbeers to mark the moment, with many of them sporting “Butterbeer mustaches.”