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Former Pa. liquor official charged with accepting bribes

The former director of marketing and merchandising for the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has been charged with accepting bribes, kick-backs and concealing information, according to a filing with a United States District Court yesterday. James H. Short Jr., of Harrisburg, served at the liquor board 2003 to 2012 and supervised the process through which alcoholic beverages are selected and acquired for sale in Pennsylvania’s state-run liquor stores. With over $1 billion in annual revenue, the board is one of the largest purchasers of alcohol in the world. The charges include Short receiving benefits from a distributor and a manufacturer of alcoholic beverages, including all-expense paid golf trips, cash, gift cards, meals, and other benefits. (fox43.com)


Craft beer on tap coming to Kroger supermarkets

Kroger this year has added additional craft beer stations to stores across several states, a move by the grocery chain to tap into a fast-growing beverage category that is a hit with consumers. The company is making a national push to add in-store beer stations and tastings in stores in Ohio, Georgia, Virginia and a few other key markets, according to USA Today. With many new local breweries focused on selling beers only on draft taps, the move is a way for Kroger to differentiate itself from the crowd. (Fortune)


Oregon approves 'largest liquor expansion since Prohibition'

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission voted Thursday to add as many as 17 liquor stores in the Portland area, a decision agency director Rob Patridge called "the largest liquor expansion since Prohibition." The expansion allows for new stores in Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas counties. It also clears the way for business models beyond the traditional liquor-only store, allowing for outlets in places such as grocery and convenience stores. (oregonlive.com)


Organic craft beer may be hard to find, but not for long

Finding a craft beer is easy. Finding an organic craft beer? Well, that’s another matter entirely. Despite the artisanal nature of the craft beer industry, the majority of brewers have opted to forego obtaining organic certification. But those who have embraced the concept of organic brewing are quite passionate about it. (Fortune)


NBWA seeks nominations for Brewer Partner of the Year Award

The National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) is seeking nominations for the Brewer Partner of the Year Award. The award recognizes the brewer who does the best job in the marketplace producing great beer; building strong partnerships; providing valuable education; and offering support to their distributor customers in order to bring their beers to market.


Paterno beer sells fast as brewer tries 'to keep up with demand'

Sales of beer with Joe Paterno's name on it are so brisk that the company that makes it, Duquesne Brewing, is gearing up for a second run after just a week on the shelves. "We've sold close to a million cans," said Mark Dudash, owner of Duquesne out of Latrobe, Pennsylvania. "We're just trying to keep up with demand." When word of Duquesne Brewery's plans made it mainstream, some panned the move to associate the former Penn State football coach with alcohol. (ESPN)