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Coca-Cola Femsa Hit By Mexico Junk Food Tax

Coca-Cola FEMSA, the world's largest independent bottler of Coca-Cola , announced its second-quarter results citing weak volume which the company suggests is the result of a controversial food tax passed last year in Mexico when the country's legislature passed a 5% tax on "junk food" and a 1 Peso (roughly $0.08 U.S.) per liter tax on soda. The purpose of the tax is to curb soda consumption, where according to the Organization for Economic Development Co-Operation and Development, some 69.5% -- compared to the U.S.' at 69.2% -- of the total population over the age of 15 is either overweight or obese. That ranking gives Mexico the dubious distinction of being the country with the worst weight problem in the world. (TheStreet.com)


PepsiCo Beverages Boost Q2 Results

PepsiCo reported 0.5% growth in net revenues in Q2, with organic revenues rising 3.6%. As expected, the snacks business, which constitutes more than half the net sales for PepsiCo, drove top line growth in the quarter. Organic revenue grew 5% for the snacks division, while beverage sales rose 2% globally during this period. Non-sparkling beverages such as sports drinks, ready-to-drink teas and coffee continued to rise owing to healthier consumer perception and low current penetration levels. Sparkling volumes declined in North America, reflecting continued headwinds in the domestic carbonated soft drinks category, which declined for the ninth consecutive year in 2013. (Forbes.com)


Where Biggest U.S. Drinkers Live

America's thirst for alcohol might know no boundaries, but certain parts of the country do seem especially parched. No state handles its alcohol quite like New Hampshire, according to per capita consumption data shared by the Beer Institute. The libertarian New England state guzzles down more booze per person—some 40.8 gallons per year—than any other U.S. state, by The Beer Institute's estimates. In fact, it's not even all that close. Next in line are North Dakota, Montana, Nevada, and Vermont, which sip on just under 35, 34, 33, and 32 gallons per person, per year, respectively. Part of that might be the result of cross-border sales—there is no sales tax in New Hampshire, after all, and the state's liquor commission believes as much as 50 percent of its alcohol sales are bought by residents of neighboring states. But the per capita estimates are meant to account, at least in part, for that quirk. Meaning that while the nearly 41 gallon number might be a tad inflated, it's unlikely off


Shmaltz Brewing Celebrates With Expansion Plans

With a first year under its belt at its new Upstate New York brewery, Shmaltz Brewing Company exceeded growth expectations and is already expanding brewery capacity and staff going into its second year. From the time Shmaltz opened their new 50-barrel brewery in July 2013, sales of Shmaltz's hand-crafted beers have grown over 700% in the Capital Region of Upstate, NY. Shmaltz's line of He'brew Beers® continue to appear throughout the local area, now placed in over 100 upstate New York bars, restaurants, and off-premise accounts. Total brewery output has increased 42% over 2013, about twice the national average.


Immunity-Boosting Kids Drink Launched

I Mune Nurture, an all-natural fruity water beverage designed to strengthen the immune systems of children ages 2-5, is the newest product to feature Wellmune WGP from Biothera as a key ingredient. I Mune Nurture is the third Wellmune-containing beverage from U.K.-based Natural Immune Products Ltd., which won “Best Functional Water” honors for Mune at the 2013 Beverage Innovation Awards presentation at Drinktec. I Mune Nurture is a fruity water (50% juice, 50% water) that also includes vitamins B3, B5, B9, B12, C, D and calcium and zinc. The beverage comes in two 100% natural, sugar-free flavors: Strawberry/Cherry and Orange/Pineapple. I Mune Nurture is available in a unique spill-proof pouch at more than 450 Tesco store locations in the UK, at RRP £2.99 for a pack of four 200ml pouches.


Gin Cocktails Get Makeover In Manhattan

This month, New York City will follow the U.K., Spain, Switzerland, Massachusetts and New Jersey as the latest place to find Brockmans, a super-premium, new style gin. After a successful U.S. introduction that began in February this year, the brand has opened distribution to select retail and on-premise accounts in Manhattan through Park Street Imports. A targeted sales and marketing campaign—including public relations, social media and the appointment of a dedicated brand sales representative—will support Brockmans’ NYC entry.