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Coke's Quarterly Profit Falls 3 Percent

Coca-Cola Co reported a 3 percent fall in quarterly net profit due to restructuring of its juice operations in Russia and the separation of its Brazilian bottling operations last year. (Reuters)


Mexican Soda Seen Overcoming Tax

Projections show Mexicans’ willingness to pay more after President Enrique Pena Nieto won approval of a levy on sugary beverages to help fight the highest obesity rates in North America or Europe. For Coca-Cola Femsa, that may mean less impact than once predicted in the country with the world’s highest per capita soft-drink consumption. (Bloomberg)


Reed’s Debuts First-Ever TV Campaign

Reed’s, Inc. launched this week a national cable advertising campaign – the first in the company’s 25-year history. The ad, produced by Evans Media Group LLC out of Los Angeles and Fusion Idea Lab in Chicago, focuses on the company founder’s affinity for ginger in his Reed’s Ginger Brews sold nationwide. The four-week campaign will run over the course of the summer on national cable networks like Bravo, BBC America, Cooking Channel and HGTV – reaching an audience of approximately 27 million.


Sunny Delight Launches Sparkling Fruit2O

Sunny Delight Beverages Co. has announced the launch of Sparkling Fruit2O fruit-flavored water. Sparkling Fruit2O offers subtle, simple fruit flavors with no calories or caffeine. The company says a result of extensive market research and samplings, Sparkling Fruit2O flavors available to consumers include: Raspberry Lemon, Grape, Mixed Berry and Strawberry.


Waiakea Launches at Albertson's

Waiakea has announced that its Hawaiian Volcanic Water will now be available at all 100 Albertson’s locations in the Pacific Northwest. The company says the launch "solidifies the explosive growth Waiakea is exhibiting in the natural channel this year," after developing distribution partnerships with Nature’s Best, KeHe, UNFI and Sprouts.


Honest Kids Hits the Movies

Cinemark Holdings, Inc., one of the world’s leading motion picture exhibitors, announced it is the first national theatre chain to offer Honest Kids organic juice drinks. Starting immediately, the beverages are available in all of their 334 cinemas nationwide. Honest Kids organic beverages, 40 calories per pouch, are fruit juice sweetened and contain half the sugar of the leading kid’s juice drinks. They will be available for sale individually as well as in Cinemark’s Movie Snack Packs.