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Lawsuit: Coca-Cola Misleads Consumers that Coke is Natural, Healthy

A new lawsuit contends that The Coca-Cola Co. has deceived consumers into thinking that Coca-Cola is a natural and healthy drink as consumer preferences have moved away from carbonated soft drinks. The lawsuit, filed Aug. 22 in federal court in Massachusetts, contends that sales of Coca-Cola "are fueled by false and deceptive representations that Coca-Cola is not only a healthy product, but one free of artificial flavoring and chemical preservatives." (Atlanta Business Chronicle)


Jim Koch Says U.S. the ‘Silicon Valley of Beer Brewing’

The exciting things in brewing today are happening in the United States, not Germany, England, Belgium, Australia or Canada, where people used to look for great beer, according to Boston Beer Co. founder and chairman Jim Koch. “Small, independent breweries like Sam Adams and 3,000 colleagues of mine are doing amazing things with beer,” Koch said yesterday on Boston Herald Radio’s “Trending Now” program. “We’re like the Silicon Valley of innovation and creativity in the beer world.” Koch’s 30-year-old Boston company, the maker of Samuel Adams beer, has a 1 percent U.S. market share. (Boston Herald)


Coca-Cola Among Leaders at Las Vegas Water Summit

Bruce Karas, VP for Environment and Sustainability, North America Coca Cola is among the participants in the Business of Water, Corporate Leaders Summit on Water and the Economy, which begins today in Las Vegas, Nevada. The summit is hosting more than 100 corporations, water agencies and business associations, all focused on innovation aimed at sustainable water management.


Water Brand Said to Receive First Fair Trade Certification

Castle Rock Water Co. in California announced it is the first bottled water company to receive the rigorous Fair for Life Social & Fair Trade certification. “As the first bottled water ever to become certified by Fair for Life, Castle Rock Water proudly leads the way in socially and environmentally responsible water,” the company released in a statement. “As consumers’ awareness and interest in sustainable products and services continues to grow, Castle Rock Water is committed to setting a precedent of eco-conscious practices for producing and consuming bottled water that the rest of the industry can follow.”


Leinenkugel Naming Deal Comes to Head in Beer Summit

Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co. had a problem with last year's Hoppin' Helles beer. The beer itself was fine. It was an easy-drinking beer brewed in the German Helles style, a light German beer, but made spicier and more aromatic with five different American hops. The problem, Dick Leinenkugel said, was the name. Consumers were confused. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinal)


Golfer John Daly Promotes Own Cocktail Line

The next time you see golfer John Daly celebrating at an Outback, Holiday Inn or Hooters restaurant, he may be just promoting his own cocktail line, The Original John Daly Cocktail, made by GIASI Beverages. Daly’s line of adult beverages including sweet, peach and raspberry teas — all mixed with lemonade and infused with vodka. He's on tour in South Carolina promoting the brand. Playing on Daly's "grip it and rip it" mentality on the golf course, the beverage company's name is an acronym of "grip it and sip it". (foxsports.com)