September 11-15, 2017

Hello Vino Launches App for Android

Hello Vino, Inc.announced the availability of the new Hello Vino Wine Assistant app for Android devices, adding more than 140,000 store and restaurant locations in the U.S. to its wine recommendation service.

The Hello Vino app is an all-in-one wine app with several wine shopping features–from providing recommendations to scanning labels and saving wines for future reference. The growing suite of Hello Vino mobile apps currently reaches an installed base of 1.75 million users.

Now available in the Google Play Store, the Hello Vino app includes geo-fencing features that deliver recommendations at 140,000 retail stores and restaurants at which consumers can purchase wine. App users will receive notifications based on their personal taste preferences, purchase history and specific location.

"The new Hello Vino app features assists wine drinkers exactly when and where they need help," remarks Rick Breslin, CEO of Hello Vino. "Whether standing in the wine aisle, or faced with an intimidating wine list at a restaurant, the app acts as a personal sommelier."

There are more than 1.5 million Android apps available in the Google Play Store, according to mobile app market research outfit App Annie. Research firm Strategy Analytics reported that four out of five smartphones shipped in 2013 were Android devices.

Key features of the Hello Vino Wine Assistant app for Android include:

Recommendations - Hello Vino will recommend the perfect bottle based on personal taste preferences, meal selections, and special occasions.

Wine Label Scanner - Snap a photo of a wine label for real-time image recognition that returns the wine details, ratings and tasting notes.

Search Engine - Powered by, find any bottle from a database of over six million wines.

Wine Journal Notebook - Take photos, keep personal notes and ratings to remember wine purchases.

Food and Wine Pairings - Hello Vino has the largest food and wine pairing database in the Google Play Store.

The Hello Vino Wine Assistant app for Android is available for free in the Google Play Store. For more information, including app screenshots and features, please visit:

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