September 11-15, 2017
Category: Packaging

Creative Containers at drinktec 2013

For packaging suppliers, drinktec traditionally has been a global launching pad for container innovation and September’s edition in Munich, Germany was no exception.

End Game
Among the innovations can supplier Rexam showcased at drinktec was its thermochromic printed ends. Available to brands in 12 different colours and on 200 and 202 ends, Thermochromic ink changes color indicating the can is perfectly chilled and ready for consumption.  The thermochromic indicator is highly visible to consumers while the can is stored in the refrigerator door or horizontally on the shelf.

A Window on Innovation
Ball Packaging Europe unveiled what it’s calling the the world’s lightest 50cl aluminum beverage can at drinktec 2013. The body of the B-Can is 5 percent lighter than a standard beverage can body, enhancing its environmental profile.

Ball also presented Digital Window Printing, a new two-stage printing that enables up to 36 individually designed cans in one production run. The process allows beverage producers to present their cans with a range of up to 36 different designs. In the first step, standard 33cl or 50cl aluminium cans are produced the usual way, just leaving a “window” unprinted. In the second step, the cans are passed through the digital printing line where customized designs are added to the can, exactly fitting the window previously left clean. This allows a differentiation of the various designs at a late stage in the production process.

Star Sleeves
CCL Label showed a number of shrink sleeve innovations. The S5Star, targeted for ultra-premium, high-glamour brands and lifestyle events, features Swarovski crystals placed automatically and accurately on a premium foil sleeve.  CCL’s overall capability to innovate was on display with the Somersby Wild Cactus cider range by Carlsberg. Six designs of animal-print shrink adorn high-neck glass presenting a premium look with fur impression achieved using matt varnish.  The sleeves are processed at high speed, up to 50,000 bottles per hour.

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