September 11-15, 2017

Getting Noticed and Heard

T he way consumers connect with brands at the retail level is a revolving door. From the digital space, to mobile marketing to interactive displays at retail, the methods of sending and receiving messages is one that is constantly changing. In other words, it’s a fast-paced marketing world out there.

“Digital retail, e-commerce, digital marketing, even all the way to point of purchase, these are things that are connecting in a very meaningful way for our attendees and exhibitors,” says Brent Harrison, marketing manager
of GlobalShop, the largest annual event for retail design and shopper marketing.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, GlobalShop, slated for Feb. 29 to March 2 at Las Vegas’ Sands Expo and Convention Center, is segmented into pavilions offering attendees essentially six shows under one roof: Visual Merchandising Show, Retail Marketing Services, Digital Store, Store Fixturing Show, Store Design And Operations and At-Retail Marketplace.  
It’s the At-Retail Marketplace pavilion, however, where beverage professionals will find Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions that will help gain their brand visibility in an increasingly crowded retail space. “The exhibitors are all about improving shopper loyalty and retention and influencing those buying decisions at the point of sale,” says Harrison.

Strine Printing Co., based in York, Pa., for example, recently worked with Sidney Frank Importing Co. for its Jägermeister brand creating a Lama pop-up display for Halloween and Christmas. “Our die-cut bottle displays and sampling tables have always been highly relevant to the beverage industry and now more of our designs can hold heavy weight, which creates incremental selling areas within beverage retailers,” says Sylvia Twigg Winchell, account manager at Strine, which obtained a license from Marin’s International to manufacture and sell the Lama.   

Todd Clark of Above All Advertising, Inc. notes that the company’s inflatable walk- about costumes are a way to grab a consumer’s attention and even make a splash in the digital space. “Most consumers now use some form of social media,” says Clark. “These costumes offer a way to get to your potential customers by using social media and its users. People will take pictures of their friends with the costumes as well as videos that will be posted to social media sites.”

Pro-Lite, which designs, engineers and manufacturs electronic LED products, will have a number of products on display including its “Story-Teller” Illuminated LCD Snap Frame display, an interactive display visible from more than 200 feet away, the company says. The display box tells a story by playing a video clip activated by a motion sensor when a consumer approaches the box.

Identity Group/AdMart also is offering illuminated signage, specifically showcasing AdGlo, which can provide design possibilities not achievable in neon, explains Bruce Jones, creative director of the Danville, Ky.-based company, by more accuratly depicting a company’s logo or graphic.  

At the retail shelf, Innomark’s Gravity Feed Shelf System is designed to promote category management, handling almost all product weights and shapes. Because of its slanted racks, merchandise can automatically slide to the front, decreasing out-of-stocks, and when installed side-by-side the system it creates continuous merchandising, says Chris Cummings, Innomark’s VP-national accounts. “Visibility at the Point-of-Sale is one of the most important aspects of merchandising, if the consumer can not see the product it becomes harder to sell,” he says.  

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