September 11-15, 2017
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HUSKY vodka

OmskVinProm/MDG Spirits Imported from RUSSIA, sold from warehouse in NJ 750 ml, 1000 ml
$17.99 Suggested Retail Price

Husky vodka is made in the extremely cold and harsh environment of Siberia region—the same place that the breed of Husky dog came from. Siberia (Russia) is thousand miles away from stress and noise of big cities. Made from spring water cleaned by cold filtration technology: the lower the temperature of purification is, the more impurities are absorbed by filter. As a result Husky vodka is purified at a higher quality level, according to the company. It's distilled five times from selected grain and features a dog paw design on its label. Northern Husky vodka took the award at international Pentawards dedicated exclusively to design along with world-famous market leaders Martell and Coca-Cola.

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