September 11-15, 2017
New Beverage

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Exotic Food Company Chonburi, Thailand 250 ml
$1.49-$1.79 Suggested Retail Price

Goji berries have long been recognized for their curative benefits being high in both antioxidant content and nutritional value. Exotic Food Co. has extracted the juice from this superfruit and transformed it into a modern beverage called Exotic GojiWater.  Packaged in 8.5 ounce (250 ml) single serve recyclable glass bottles, GojiWater is 100 natural, has no artificial flavors or colors and is lightly sweetened with cane sugar and honey. The drink is available in four flavors: Goji Berry Juice + Apple, Goji Berry Juice + Grape, Goji Berry Juice + Mangosteen and Goji Berry Juice + Tropical Fruit.  

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