September 11-15, 2017
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My Body Shots

My Body Shots, LLC Las Vegas, NV 6-pack, 2.5-ounce
$15.99 Suggested Retail Price


My Body Shots is a line of vitamin-enhanced shots designed to deliver daily vitamins and electrolytes. The seven caffeine-free beverages are formulated for different consumption occasions. Electro Vitamin is for adults looking to start their day with a boost. Electro Sport is for those living an active lifestyle. Electro Immunity and Electro Travel offer consumers and extra dose of nutrients. The line also includes two kid formulated drinks, Electro Kids Vitamin and Electro Kids Sports. The drinks come in flavors including orange-citrus, mango-passion fruit, citrus, lemon-lime, grape and fruit punch. My Body Shots are available on the company's website.
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