September 11-15, 2017


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Odell Brewing Beers Head to Texas

In March, 2014 the Odell Brewing backyard will get a little bigger with the addition of Texas, the 11th state in the brewery’s distribution footprint. Odell Brewing has partnered with Ben E. Keith Company, and will begin a statewide launch with draft in March, followed by a package launch in April.


Pepsi To Invest $5 billion in India by 2020

US soft drinks giant PepsiCo announced Monday it would invest more than $5 billion with its partners in India to raise production, saying it had only "scratched the surface" of the Asian giant's potential. (GlobalPost)


Nestlé Waters Canada Wins Safety Award

Nestlé Waters Canada has won silver recognition in the manufacturing category of Canadian Occupational Safety's 2013 Canada’s Safest Employers Award program. The Canada’s Safest Employers Award recognizes employers from coast-to-coast for their outstanding achievements in workplace health and safety.


Cheerwine Expanding To Pacific Northwest

Cheerwine is expanding distribution of its soft drink to the Pacific Northwest, adding Idaho, Oregon and Washington through a partnership with independent Pepsi bottlers and Pepsi Beverages Co. The company, based in Salisbury, N.C., is making its product for Pacific Northwest customers in Olympia, Wash. It expects to fully flesh out its distribution channel in those markets in early 2014. (Winstom-Salem Journal)


Devotion Vodka Allowed to Put Gluten-Free on Label

Driven by the continued growth of the gluten-free market, Devotion Spirits, Inc., maker of Devotion Vodka says it has achieved a breakthrough milestone in the vodka/spirits category. The company says it is the first-ever vodka brand to be granted approval by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) to have the words “Gluten-Free” printed on the bottle. Additionally, Devotion is the first and only vodka brand given permission to have "No Added Sugar" printed on the bottle.


German Health Official: Sometimes All You Need is a Beer

A German health official has sparked controversy by suggesting that a "bottle of warm beer" can sometimes be more effective than psychotherapy. Josef Hecken, chairman of the body which decides what treatments are offered by the country's statutory health system, was quoted as saying he believes a brew can heal mild "occasional problems" such as sleep disorders. Hecken added that "a psychotherapist is not needed next to every citizen" and that sometimes a beer "is enough." (NBC News)