September 11-15, 2017


Beverage World presents the latest news from across the worldwide beverage market.

DRY Soda Launches Kroger-Exclusive Flavors

DRY Soda Co. has announced its new distribution agreement with The Kroger Co. to launch its new line of cans in more than 1,350 of its stores across the United States in early October. As part of the agreement, Kroger will have the exclusive rights to sell DRY’s new Cherry and Pear flavors, developed by Chef Richard Blais, DRY’s creative director. Marking DRY’s largest distribution deal to date, this announcement comes on the heels of DRY Soda’s successful summer launch of new packaging and flavors in aluminum cans. Blais, a television personality, restaurateur and author, led the development of the new flavors, which are DRY’s first exclusive flavor offerings to a retailer. The Cherry and Pear DRY cans will feature a distinctive “created exclusively for The Kroger Co.” logo. At 60 calories, Cherry DRY is luscious with the rich flavor of ripe, sweet cherries. Pear DRY, at 70 calories, is refreshingly bright with the complex taste of a juicy pear.


Wrigley Field Exclusive with A-B, Ousts Old Style

There was big news this week for Chicago Cubs fans. Anheuser-Busch signed an exclusive sponsorship deal with the Cubs, edging out the beloved Old Style beer at Wrigley Field. The partnership between the Cubs and Old Style, which is made by Pabst Brewing Company, dated back to the 1950s. (WBUR Here & Now)


Will Craft Soda Be Next Craft Beer?

As craft beer takes the nation by storm -- making kings out of once-small brewers like Boston Beer -- the same trends that are driving sales of the alcoholic beverage may soon drive sales of its non-alcoholic counterpart: craft soda. The craft soda industry has emerged on the same formula that brought craft beer to the forefront of American interests. (Daily Finance)


Diageo Seeks to Reduce Whiskey-Making Emissions

What’s in a bottle of Scotch? A large carbon footprint, as it turns out. While London-based Diageo Plc (DGE) won’t say exactly how much, the world’s largest distiller last year produced 701,000 metric tons of carbon emissions, equal to about 0.6 pounds for each bottle sold, or what comes out of your car’s tailpipe over three-fourths of a mile. The owner of the Johnnie Walker brand is working to voluntarily reduce emissions to help sustainability and boost the corporate bottom line. (Bloomberg Businessweek)


Old Pulteney Scotch Introduces the Navigator

Old Pulteney Single Malt Scotch Whisky announced the release of ‘The Navigator’, the newest addition to its portfolio. Dedicated to the sailing community and the skillful individuals piloting ships safely across the seas, ‘Navigator’ pays homage to its birthplace while offering Old Pulteney fans an exciting, limited-edition expression true to the malt’s award-winning character.


WAT-AAH! Teams Up with Michelle Obama

WAT-AAH!, a brand of functional bottled water aimed at kids and teens, joins the Drink Up initiative launched by the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) and its honorary chair, First Lady Michelle Obama to encourage people to drink more water more often. The nationwide initiative conveys the simple message that water is one of the best and easiest sources of hydration and reminds everyone of water's inherently beneficial properties such as providing energy, stamina and ability to focus.