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Mexican Duopoly to Survive Competition Deal

Last week's settlement to limit the arrangements by which two big brewers have sewn up Mexico's beer market, the world's sixth largest, is unlikely to open the door to substantial competition there in the near future. (Reuters)


Brewers Blast Wall Street Banks Over Aluminum

A loose coalition of beer brewers, automakers, Boeing and Coca-Cola is accusing big banks, including Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase, of anti-competitive behavior in the aluminum market, fueling regulatory concerns and prompting a Senate probe as part of an international political battle over Wall Street's expansion into the commodities business. (Huffington Post)


Soda Display Goes Viral

A Walmart super center in Chapaign, Ill. has some up with an impressive soda display for Fighting Illini. The display has reportedly gone viral on social media platforms, like Twitter. (USA Today)


Celebrating the Summer of the Growler

You know the beer drinkers have won when you can fill your growler with local craft beer at a drugstore. The craft beer craze isn't slowing down, and as the number of breweries grows, so has the popularity of growlers—64-ounce reusable jugs that can be filled to take off the premises. With growlers, you get fresh beer. Often it is beer that is not available in bottles or cans. And you get it in a local, environmentally friendly way. (WSJ)


Craft Beer Helping Rebuild Neighborhoods

The resurgence of the craft beer industry in Oakland, Calif. is reshaping some of the city's roughest areas, bringing culture, night life and community back to vacant industrial parks and troubled neighborhoods. (Mercurynews.com)