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SABMiller Sees More LatAm Growth

SABMiller expects more growth from its business in Latin America, its largest market, even though the company has limited exposure to high-growth Brazil and Mexico. (Reuters)


Nooyi Pay Down Amid Compensation Change

PepsiCo gave CEO Indra Nooyi a pay package worth $12.6 million last year, which is down 11 percent from the previous year, as the soda-and-snack food giant changed the way it awards long-term incentive compensation. (News 12/AP)


Coke Seeks to Supersize its Bottlers

Scale would further improve financial metrics, prompting Coca-Cola to help orchestrate the merger of eight Spanish and Portuguese bottlers – and of four in Japan, three in Brazil, and the sale of a controlling stake of the Philippines bottler. (Financial Times)


Beer Poured $250 Billion into U.S. Economy

The next time someone hassles you for cracking open a beer on a weekday before 5 p.m. or when their child is in the pub trying to enjoy a good round of ketchupy french-fry flinging, tell them you're not just drinking a beer: You're supporting a $250 billion American industry. (MSN Money)


Hop Plan to Produce Cardiff’s Own Beer

It will be Cardiff’s very own homebrewed beer – made from hops grown in gardens across the city. More than 30 beer enthusiasts in the city have signed up to a new scheme to grow hops to be harvested and turned into a truly local brew later in the year. (yourCardiff)


Company Claims 'World's Strongest Coffee'

Sure, you can order up a tall, no-foam, low-fat, soy-chai latte at Starbucks. Or you can have a cup of Death Wish Coffee. The brew bills itself as "the world’s strongest coffee," and it certainly delivers a caffeine kick in the teeth. (LA Times)