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American Craft Beers Honored at European Beer Star

Competing on the world stage, 21 American craft breweries, all members of the Brewers Association’s Export Development Program, won 35 awards in 22 different categories at The European Beer Star awards, one of the most recognized beer competitions in the world. The honors were announced on November 14 at Brau Beviale in Nuremberg, Germany.


Beer Chief: French Tax Will Hit European Brewers

Beer sold in France is set to see a 120% tax hike. The secretary-general of the Brewers of Europe says the move threatens thousands of French bars, and will have a knock-on effect for brewers across Europe. (EurActiv.com)


New Version of Kahlúa Debuts

Kahlúa Midnight, a 70 proof mix of rum and black coffee liqueur, is debuting in bars and retailers nationwide. The brand describes it as a "bold, yet slightly sweet creation," that is a mixture of smooth rum mixed with strong black coffee. It is intended to be served chilled as a shot, says the brand.


Moonshine Makers Set up Shop in Georgia City Hall

DAWSONVILLE, Ga. — Moonshine distillers are making their first batches of legal liquor in this tiny Georgia town's city hall, not far from the mountains and the maroon, orange and gold canopy of trees that once hid bootleggers from the law. (jacksonsun.com)


A Taste for An Ancient Scots Drink

An Ancient Scottish drink called blaand, made from a by-product of the cheese-making process, is set for a new lease of life after Arran Brewery bought the rights to the Fallachan brand. (scotsman.com)