September 11-15, 2017


DRY Soda Launches Kroger-Exclusive Flavors

DRY Soda Co. has announced its new distribution agreement with The Kroger Co. to launch its new line of cans in more than 1,350 of its stores across the United States in early October. As part of the agreement, Kroger will have the exclusive rights to sell DRY’s new Cherry and Pear flavors, developed by Chef Richard Blais, DRY’s creative director. Marking DRY’s largest distribution deal to date, this announcement comes on the heels of DRY Soda’s successful summer launch of new packaging and flavors in aluminum cans. Blais, a television personality, restaurateur and author, led the development of the new flavors, which are DRY’s first exclusive flavor offerings to a retailer. The Cherry and Pear DRY cans will feature a distinctive “created exclusively for The Kroger Co.” logo. At 60 calories, Cherry DRY is luscious with the rich flavor of ripe, sweet cherries. Pear DRY, at 70 calories, is refreshingly bright with the complex taste of a juicy pear.