September 11-15, 2017


Sterling Vineyards: Official Wine of the Oscars

Napa winery Sterling Vineyards was once again selected to participate by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, as the Exclusive Wine of The Oscars. Winemaker Alison Crary says she is thrilled at this "best supporting beverage" opportunity. "It's amazing to have our wines poured at the most glamorous event in the world!" Crary added "I see similarities between winemaking and moviemaking. Napa is a great story and my job, like any director's, is to create a 'Best Picture' with every vintage. The winemaker is the story teller…the vineyard is the script, with a cast of varietals and the potential to tell a different version of the story with each vintage. A bold, powerful and unforgettable wine reminds me of a 'Best Actor or Actress'," continued Crary. "While a wine that is consistently good, versatile with food and you can always rely on is like a 'Best Supporting Actress or Actor."