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Beverage World and Beyond

I’ve been working for Beverage World for six years. When I first joined the magazine as an associate editor, I didn’t know much about the industry other than the knowledge a general consumer would have: I like to drink [enter drink here], these are the places I can purchase it, this is how much it costs and the ingredients generally include x, y and z. Though I only knew the basics, I was ready to dive in and learn more.

Just like food, drink is a necessity, and luckily there are plenty of options on the shelf formulated to meet the many different preferences of the many different consumers across the globe. But as I began to learn about the ins and outs of the beverage world, I fell in love with the industry and became fascinated with the processes that make that world go round.

I first began writing about trends that put me in touch with why and how certain drinks got their start and what consumers were looking for, which drove the trends occurring at that time. I also was assigned the production section of the magazine and soon became a robot geek, looking forward to seeing these machines in action at Pack Expo.

Later, I became the senior editor and began writing this column, which allowed me to share my insights and thoughts with BW’s readership (I hope you’ve enjoyed my two cents!) I added packaging to my list of assignments and the magazine’s Final Tally, which recounts industry trends by the numbers. This also involved more travel and that meant getting out into the industry and seeing first-hand how the industry operates.

Then, last year, I was off to London and began working freelance for BW as a contributing editor international tapping into the European market and reporting back new products and trends giving my articles a greater global spin.

Along the way, I continued learning, discovering, sharing and growing as a writer.

Now, six years later, I’m moving on to a new adventure within the beverage world. I will no longer be on the editorial side of the business. Instead I’ll be helping brands get the word out working for a PR agency based in London, representing some of the largest alcohol brands in the world.

It’s an exciting time in the industry (it’s always an exciting time though—never a dull moment!) and I’m excited to use my writing skills and beverage expertise to continue my career in a world that I believe is one of the best to be in. I think many of you would agree—in fact, many of you have told me time and again that there is no other industry you’d rather be working in and that you too are in love with the beverage business. Hope to hear from you all soon. 

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