September 11-15, 2017
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The perfect gift this holiday season came a bit early.

When we started the HIT List six years ago we wanted it to be an annual celebration of, well, all things worth celebrating about the global beverage market. We never intended to become part of the story, as, frankly, that would be shamelessly self-serving, wouldn’t it?

But I ask you for a special dispensation just this one time and indulge us a little bit. There’s a kind of synchronicity at work, this being the HIT list issue, as well as the one where we officially return as Beverage World.  I think (and here comes the indulgent part) that’s pretty HIT-worthy, no?

We’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished as Beverage Executive, both in print and online (another HIT, if we do say so ourselves). Our team brought the same passion and commitment to covering the worldwide drinks market as we had as Beverage World prior to the incident this summer (publisher Kevin Francella offers a little more on that in his Publisher’s Letter on page 3). We’ve launched a host of regular features that we intend to continue under the Beverage World banner. We’re also keeping the Beverage Executive name alive in a small, but meaningful, way in a Q&A feature we’re launching in this issue, “Beverage Executive of the Month.” We welcome Honest Tea founder Seth Goldman as the inaugural executive.

But Beverage World, with its 130-year heritage, just feels like home to us. While the hiccup that occurred this summer is a definite “Miss,” it’s nice to be able to finally erase it with a bona fide HIT. Being able to actually say the words “Beverage” and “World” adjacent to each other is a HIT in itself! And while I’m on a positive roll here, a most enthusiastic HIT must be bestowed upon our new parent company, Macfadden Communications Group, for its support and commitment to us. First, Macfadden made Beverage Executive possible. Now, the company has gone and outdone itself and made Beverage World possible.

Before I start sounding like Tiny Tim at the end of Dickens’ tale (hey, it’s December), it’s time to get down to business. As has been tradition in the HIT List issue, we’ve kicked off the section with a super-sized cover-worthy HIT. This year managing editor Andrew Kaplan details the metamorphosis from traditional marketing to “branded entertainment.”
Also, as we’re about to close the book on 2011 (and boy, what a year it’s been!) it’s time to look ahead to the major happenings of 2012. Our BevOps/Beverage Fleet Summit conference returns to the M Resort in Las Vegas, April 16-18. Register at Beverage Forum returns, once again, to New York City’s Grand Hyatt, May 22-23; you can register at

And, we’re officially accepting submissions for the 2012 BevStar Awards. See page 32 for submission guidelines. Good luck!

All of us at Beverage World wish you a happy holiday season and a prosperous and profitable New Year!

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