September 11-15, 2017

Shmaltz Brewing Celebrates With Expansion Plans

With a first year under its belt at its new Upstate New York brewery, Shmaltz Brewing Company exceeded growth expectations and is already expanding brewery capacity and staff going into its second year.

From the time Shmaltz opened their new 50-barrel brewery in July 2013, sales of Shmaltz's hand-crafted beers have grown over 700% in the Capital Region of Upstate, NY. Shmaltz's line of He'brew Beers® continue to appear throughout the local area, now placed in over 100 upstate New York bars, restaurants, and off-premise accounts. Total brewery output has increased 42% over 2013, about twice the national average.

In August and October 2014, Shmaltz will increase its tank farm by 65% with the purchase of four new 200 barrel fermenters for a total brewing capacity of nearly 40,000 bbls. Shmaltz has also increased its staff to 24 employees, 12 of whom are new hires from the Upstate, NY area, including a full time Brewmaster, Director of Marketing, 3 brewers and cellermen, 5 packaging line and maintenance staff, and 2 tasting room personnel. Shmaltz is currently hiring three new positions for an accounting manager, a lead second-shift brewer and lab technician.

Since opening the new brewery, Shmaltz's national wholesaler network expands to 37 states with newly acquired territories such as Vermont, Maine, Kentucky, and Iowa. He'brew -- The Chosen Beer® is also available internationally in both Canada and Hong Kong.

Jeremy Cowan, owner and proprietor of Shmaltz Brewing Company says, "After investing in our new $4 million brewery in Clifton Park, we now have total control over our top shelf quality processes and our own production capacity, allowing us to brew what we want, when we want. The creative possibilities for what we can brew are endless and our growth in production, sales and distribution is proof that the investment is paying off. And, most importantly, the flavors and aromas of our beers have never been better! We have a great team in place and we look forward to our continued expansion here in Clifton Park, NY -- and with our growing tribe of Shmaltz beer lovers around the country."

According to the Brewers Association (State Craft Beer Production & Sales Data, 2013), New York State ranks 3rd in national economic impact as they cultivate more than $2 billion per year in craft beer sales. Shmaltz is among one of the newest brick and mortar breweries to join the additional 165 craft breweries in the state.

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