September 11-15, 2017

Scotch Protection Tightened in Burma

Scotch Whisky has been granted special protection in Burma as a collective trademark in a breakthrough that will help protect against fakes in this growing market.
This protection means action can be taken more effectively against products wrongly being sold or passed off as Scotch Whisky. This move gives added protection to both consumers and the industry.
Alan Park, Scotch Whisky Association legal adviser, said: “This will allow us to protect Scotch Whisky against products illegally being sold or passed off as Scotch. Products suspected of misleading consumers and damaging the legitimate trade are already under investigation and may become the subject of legal action using the protection now given to Scotch Whisky in Burma.”
The British Ambassador to Burma, Andrew Patrick, commented: “Scotch Whisky is recognised worldwide as a distinctive and high quality British product and I am delighted that the Burmese authorities have taken steps to recognise and protect this. A robust legal framework is of great importance to foreign investors in any market and the British Embassy is supportive of the Burmese Government’s efforts to develop this.”
Scotch Whisky exports to Burma jumped 65% to £2 million last year from £888,734 in 2012.
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