September 11-15, 2017
Category: Ingredients

Naturex Expands Natural Ingredients Offerings

Naturex has acquired Quillaia and Yucca business activities from Berghausen, a US-based company, reinforcing its offerings for the food, beverage and feed markets. This move is a logical continuation for the group, it said, after its acquisition earlier this year of Chile Botanics, a Chilean company specialized in Quillaia extracts.
This acquisition propels Naturex to a leading position for natural ingredients derived from Quillaia and Yucca and enhances the group’s portfolio in a consistent manner with its sustainable development approach. The deal includes the transfer of a comprehensive line of Quillaia and Yucca extracts, formulated in convenient forms for the industry (liquid, powder).
The company says a combination of consumer preferences and new regulations has resulted in a significant opportunity for developing ingredients that help food and drink manufacturers to reduce the amount of artificial ingredients while maintaining the taste, texture, and performance of the product. Yucca Schidigera and Quillaja Saponaria are natural foaming agents widely used in carbonated beverages, syrups, frozen carbonated beverages, beer, juices, and many other products requiring enhanced foaming characteristics.
“Our aim is to pursue and accelerate the technical development of this portfolio, as it perfectly responds to consumer demand for healthy, safe and convenient products and fully meets our customers’ needs with innovative and ready-to-use ingredients.” said Naturex’s CEO, Thierry Lambert. These ingredients will be manufactured in Naturex factories, allowing for their consistent supply in Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia through the group’s worldwide sales network.
Naturex’s global presence ensures proximity with its customers and strong local market knowledge. In addition, Naturex establishes close working partnerships with its customers, inviting them to conduct trials into the company’s own application laboratories. Naturex’s network relies on a central application lab connected with 7 regional centers around the globe. This network plays a key role in working with customers as a long-term partner, innovating alongside them and ensuring a value-added service.
Fritz Berghausen, President and CEO of Berghausen Corporation stated “We have been in the Quillaia business for over 70 years and, given Naturex’s global presence and strong reputation, we are confident our customers will be in good hands. They will not only continue to benefit from quality Quillaia and Yucca extracts, but will also gain access to the extensive portfolio provided by Naturex”.
Thierry Lambert concluded, “With our strong expertise in applications, expanded capabilities and portfolio, we offer full-service support to our customers. By sharing our know-how through close collaborations, we are the ideal partner for creating products to meet the demands of consumers across diverse cultures worldwide with an optimized time-to-market.”
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