September 11-15, 2017

Nestlé Waters Canada Donates to Watershed

PHOTO CAPTION: Mill Creek Stewardship Rangers undertake stream rehabilitation works in an effort to maintain the stream’s natural ecology for future generations.
Nestlé Waters Canada today announced that it has donated $10,000 to the Friends of Mill Creek Stewardship Rangers program. Since 2003, the Company has donated $111,350 to the Friends of Mill Creek through a fund administered by the Grand River Conservation Foundation.
The Company’s donation helps to support the Friends of Mill Creek in its efforts to undertake fisheries and stream rehabilitation works, including stream bank reconstruction, stream bed re-grading, tree planting, culvert replacement and farm fencing repair. The work is performed by the Mill Creek Stewardship Rangers, four local high school students and a crew leader hired over an eight-week period during each summer. Educational opportunities are combined with this practical experience. The Rangers will complete their work effort for this year on August 22nd.
“The support by Nestlé Waters Canada is helping our organization to develop, promote and implement projects in the watershed that maintain and enhance Mill Creek as a cold-water stream,” said Brad Whitcombe, President, Friends of Mill Creek. “The Company has complemented this financial support in recent years with its donation of significant research work undertaken in the sub-watershed, access across its property to do work around Mill Creek and participation in the enrichment program for the students.”
“Friends of Mill Creek is doing great work, including rehabilitation of the stream, education of the general public and generation of greater awareness about the importance of maintaining our natural ecology for future generations,” said Andreanne Simard, Natural Resources Manager, Nestlé Waters Canada, and a member of the Friends of Mill Creek Advisory Board. “Beyond the summer employment it offers four local young people is the continuing ecological improvement of the Mill Creek subwatershed.”
Mill Creek, a spring-fed cold water stream bordered in many areas by forests and provincially-significant wetlands, begins in upland Puslinch Township and flows southward through the village of Aberfoyle, past extensive Class 1 wetlands, then south of Highway 401, through Shade’s Mills Conservation Area, joining the Grand River in downtown Cambridge, draining approximately 104 square kilometers.
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