September 11-15, 2017
Category: Supply Chain

MODEX Showcases Critical Links in the Chain

MODEX 2014, which was held at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center March 17-20, offered hundreds of supply chain solutions for attendees to see up close and personal. Here are some of the more interesting technologies that can be applied to beverage distribution operations.

PAS Delivers New Warehouse Storage Options
Power Automation Systems (PAS) demonstrated a fully functional version of its PowerStor automated pallet storage system and allowed visitors to operate a semi-automated PAS Voyager system at the company’s 1,500-square-foot booth.
In addition, PAS top executives and engineers were on hand to talk to customers and potential customers about their storage needs and offer ideas and solutions.
PAS demonstrated its newest software, PASWare 3.0, which offers customers a variety of WMS functionality. The company contends that it is a cost-effective transition from the sort of antiquated legacy systems many have been operating.
Also on display were the robotic vehicles used in the PowerStor automated system and the PAS Voyager, semi-automated system.
These vehicles, known as Aisle Way Carts (AWCs) and Row Rail Carts (RRCs)—in addition to the PAS Voyager semi-automated option—have advanced features which were demonstrated to various visitors during the show. The advanced features allow warehouse managers to store more, heavier pallets, faster, with great reliability.
Visitors were able to see first-hand what PAS says is “the simplicity and scalability” of its solutions, which the company says have become an attractive option for food and beverage customers around the world.

Liberty Adds Stretch Wrapper, Inverter
Liberty Technologies, a Millwood, Inc. Company, and a supplier of unit load and packaging systems, materials and services, announced that its new Series500GPL was joining its family of stretch wrappers.
It also announced that it was adding the Liberty Inverter to its complete line of pallet handling equipment.
The new Series500GPL stretch wrapper system features the following features and upgrades: Adjustable pre-stretch level provide better film utilization; 65” diameter turntable rated for 4,000 pounds; AC motors and drives for improved reliability and performance; Performance Film Distribution System for easy and quick film load; Ability to automatically adjust film application to load size with evenly applied force; Optional film fingers allow for film edge reinforcing and Ramp availability for pallet jack access. Other features include an automatic film cut, ability to fork lift from front or rear of machine and for optimal use the system is power-matched for use with Liberty Technologies’ Infinity film.
The complete line of Liberty stretch wrap equipment is designed for general purpose applications, such as beverage products. “The Liberty name has a long tradition within the industry as a high quality supplier of stretch wrap equipment,” said Mike Johnson, director-engineered systems. “We are excited to display a variety of machinery as it continues Liberty’s legacy as a leading global provider of unit load and packaging systems.”
The Liberty Inverter joins the company’s pallet handling line, which also includes the Liberty Lifter and Liberty Loader. Features of the new inverter include: reducing time to replace broken pallets by rotating the load 180 degrees; simplifying the exchange of shipping and in-house pallets; reducing the time and effort required to replace damaged product on a pallet; removing the need to manually unstack and stack pallets and providing a range of openings capable of handling a wide variety of pallet load sizes.

Orbis Offers a Range of Pallet Solutions
Orbis exhibited a variety of pallet solutions for beverage companies, including the NovaLock, an all-plastic pallet designed for optimum conveyance of a wide variety of plastic and metal cans and bottles in the food and beverage markets. When combined with Orbis divider sheets and top frames, the NovaLock provides maximum product protection and load stability for unitized loads, creating a more efficient shipping system for beverage companies and their suppliers, the company said. The full system of plastic pallets, frames and divider sheets are 100 percent recyclable at the end of their service life. Additionally, Orbis introduced a new line of plastic display pallets that allow marketers what the company said is “an easy and attractive” transport-to-floor solution for in-aisle or end-of-aisle displays. These all-plastic modular display pallets are available in 24” x 24”, 24” x 48” and 48” x 48” footprints to accommodate a wide range of POP displays and structures.
And the company also introduced a 42 x 30 pallet that it said streamlines deliveries to small format retailers. This all-plastic pallet is designed to optimize the supply chain of small footprint retailers by eliminating product touches during the order replenishment process, from distribution center (DC) to store to floor. With the 42 x 30 Small-format HP Pallet, full case and split-cases can be sorted and loaded at the DC. The pallet is then delivered to the store and used as a replenishment vehicle at the point of sale. Once pallets arrive at the retailer, they can be moved directly to the floor, reducing labor costs and maximizing storage space.

Honeywell Debuts New Equipment
Honeywell debuted an industrial-grade full range laser barcode scanner and new Vocollect voice technology. To improve worker efficiency, the Granit 1280iFR features the ability to read 100 mil retro-reflective labels from as far away as 54 feet (16.5 m) and 7.5 mil codes as close as 3.5 inches (8.9 cm).  
 And Vocollect’s new Talkman A720 device, part of the Talkman A700 Solution for customers, is a new voice-centric mobile device that has two Talkman Connectors, enabling customers to leverage investments made in wired peripherals.


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