September 11-15, 2017
Category: Supply Chain

WERC to Tour California Natural Products Automated Warehouse

The Northern California chapter of the Warehouse and Education Resource Council (WERC) is planning a tour on June 5, 2014, of the latest Power Automation Systems’ (PAS) installation in Lathrop, Calif. The site is the home of California Natural Products’ newly installed, automated warehouse. The 18,000 square foot facility, designed and built by automated warehouse solutions provider PAS, increases operational efficiency while reducing environmental impact by cutting energy use up to 80 percent and decreasing the facility’s spatial footprint by about 90 percent, compared with other types of warehouses.

The new CNP warehouse features the sustainable, high-density warehouse storage solution, PowerStor. Located directly across the road from the company’s existing manufacturing and packaging plant, the state-of-the-art warehouse features an enclosed overhead bridge that loops the products loaded onto pallets from the manufacturing facility to the storage warehouse using a high-speed, flexible pallet delivery system that is controlled through PASWare warehouse control system software.

The scalable space accommodates nearly 9,000 pallet positions across twelve PowerStor levels that span 90 feet in the air. With this new system, the loaded System Staging Carts (SSC) in the PowerStage system travel up to 600 feet per minute, nearly doubling cost efficiency over standard warehouses, maximizing space utilization and reducing operating expenses, while also decreasing the carbon footprint. Furthermore, based on cutting-edge robotics operating throughout the entire warehouse system, the fully automated cart and lift-based storage and retrieval system (CTVL) will help improve inventory control as well as safety and security systems by reducing human error, the company says.

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