September 11-15, 2017

Minta Introduces Strawberry Flavor

Minta Beverages, Inc, a naturally flavored mint soda manufacturer, has announced the expansion of its rapidly growing brand with the addition of Minta Strawberry.

New Strawberry-Mint flavor will debut in stores this May.

Minta Strawberry delivers tastes of strawberries followed by the refreshing finish of mint. Minta Strawberry has a light carbonation and an aroma of a ripe strawberry with a hint of mint.

The company is introducing the new flavor in a 10-ounce slim aluminum can from Crown.

“When today's consumers are demanding beverage containers that reflect their increasingly health-conscious lifestyle we believe we are moving in to the right direction. Innovative flavors and trendy package design are major positioning attributes for the Minta brand," says Jenia Kokotuha, founder of Minta.

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