September 11-15, 2017
Category: Supply Chain

6 Keys to Safer Delivery Cart Use

1. Regular maintenance and inspection is important. Checking tires for signs of wear as well as adequate pressure takes only a few minutes at the start of a shift and can prevent injury or damage to employees, equipment, and cargo.

2. Use the right cart for the job. Curved back, two-wheeled carts are still best for transporting kegs, large bags, and other items that ergonomically contour to the cart’s shape. The same goes for larger orders. Four and six wheeled carts are ideal when transporting large, stackable boxes. Plan ahead and bring the right equipment.

3. Rather than pulling a two-wheeled cart backwards over a curb, bring a ramp for easier transport.

4. Scope out a route. When using a handcart at a first-time location, take a few minutes to scope out the best route that is free from obstacles and offers the smoothest possible surface to your delivery destination.

5. Make multiple trips. While it can sometimes seem easier to stack that one last box atop an already high pile, the cleanup or potential damage to items isn’t worth the hassle it would save by making two trips.

6. Save your back. A company’s safety program is designed to keep workers healthy and pain-free. Follow any posted policies regarding lifting, loading, pushing and more.

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