September 11-15, 2017

Beach Haus Expands to Delaware

Starting next week, Beach Haus beer will be available for purchase across the state of Delaware. East Coast Beer Co. is partnering with World Class Wholesale, a New Castle, Dela.-based distributor, to ship the beer company’s diverse lineup of bottles and kegs to retailers throughout the state. Beach Haus’ Classic American Pilsner, Winter Rental Black Lager and Cruiser IPA will be the first products available for purchase.

The partnership began last month when Merklin reached out to Chris Tigani, president of World Class Wholesale.

"I met with Chris at World Class Wholesale and came away immediately impressed with their organization,” says John Merklin, co-founder of East Coast Beer Co. “Chris was able to 'connect the dots' quickly with a brand like ours. World Class also offers a great combination of past industry experience with very forward-thinking ideas. Their use of technology to help grow brands and to service their accounts is especially impressive.".

Says Tigani, “We go for brands that have a story to tell. The team at East Coast has a great story starting from day one. The fact that they’re local, they’re hands-on, and they work hard makes them the type of suppliers we want.”

The brand’s beach-theme was also a selling point according to Tigani. “The connection to beach and summer was immediate," he says We have some great resorts in Rehoboth, Dewey Beach, and more that are already excited about it.”

East Coast Beer Co. is currently in the process of opening a new brewery in the former Freedman’s Bakery building in Belmar. The Main St. location will serve as a craft beer hub for the area, according to Merklin. The company will expand its beer line in the new brewery, and offer tours, a tasting room, and merchandise shop to the public. Renovations are currently underway and the brewery is expected to open July 2014.

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