September 11-15, 2017

Stoli Campaign Salutes the Bloody Mary

Stoli Premium vodka  is paying homage to the iconic Bloody Mary cocktail with a newly launched integrated marketing campaign.  The vodka brand today embarked on a journey across 12 U.S. markets to celebrate the many local Bloody Mary tastes and twists that people enjoy across America. 
The brand’s “Search for Mary” campaign began Feb. 14 as Stoli boards a customized food truck bound for Miami, Dallas and New York to explore how different regional cultures, local flavors and traditions have made the Bloody Mary their own. Along the way, Stoli will turn to local bartenders, food and beverage experts, and Bloody Mary fans to find each city’s defining Bloody Mary recipe and explore the love that Americans have for this legendary libation.
“In the US, one cocktail more than any other has been embraced as a true original. The Bloody Mary is a drink that facilitates artistry in its preparation, ingredients, and even garnishes,” said Lori Tieszen, Chief Marketing Officer of Stoli Group USA.  “True original cocktails start with Stolichnaya, and that’s why we’ve embarked on a nationwide quest to celebrate and honor the Bloody Mary.”
Fans of Stoli can follow the brand’s Bloody Mary journey on the Stoli Premium Vodka Facebook page and via #SearchforMary on Twitter. There, Stoli fans can share their own Bloody Mary recipes, recommend locations where an original Bloody Mary can be found, and find the original stories about the cocktail that Stoli uncovers along the way.
With a grain base of soft wheat and spicy rye, Stoli is the ideal tomato juice companion while pairing perfectly with the unlimited variety of flavors and garnishes used to customize the Bloody Mary. No other cocktail has carried more diversity and complexity while staying true to its basic original ingredients.
Meanwhile, Stoli will raise a glass at more than 300 Bloody Mary bar events in markets, including: Atlantic City, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Denver, Dallas, Miami, New York City, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, each hosted by local Stoli Brand Ambassadors.
As part of the program, Stoli will further capture consumer attention with in-store displays promoting “Start with the Stoli Bloody Mary.” This program will maximize seasonal awareness of the classic cocktail and engage consumers at point of purchase. Stoli will bring the Bloody Mary cocktail experience to life by boosting top-of-mind awareness, sharing Bloody Mary cocktail recipes and promoting relevant cross-category purchases.
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