September 11-15, 2017

Founders Launches Mobile App

Founders Brewing Co. is launching a new mobile app in the App Store and Google Play today. The app is centered on a beer locator that allows Founders enthusiasts to find Founders beer in their area, and it includes a comprehensive beer menu, with beautiful photos and beer availability information. It was created by Fusionary, a digital studio with offices across the street from the brewery.
“We’ve been wanting to create this app for some time now,” said Founders Communications Manager Sarah Aldrich. “One of the most common questions we get is, ‘Where can I find X beer in X city?’ The Founders app gives our enthusiasts the power to answer this question themselves, wherever they are, using the one thing that they’re most likely to have on them at a given time: their phones.”
“Founders has such an active fan base, and we see the app getting tons of use,” said Fusionary Partner Steve Lewis. “It’s exciting to work on an app for something we love, and we’re really looking forward to its future.”
Aldrich encourages Founders fans to download the app now and to keep in mind that Founders plans to add new features to the app in future iterations.
The app can be downloaded via the Founders website at or by searching in the App Store and Google Play. 
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