September 11-15, 2017

Louis Glunz Brings Sonoma Cider to Chicago

Louis Glunz Beer, Inc., Chicago’s largest craft and specialty import beer distributor, has brought Sonoma Cider into its growing list of specialty ciders, featuring organic, American-grown ingredients. The company’s current lineup includes The Hatchet apple cider, The Pitchfork pear cider and The Anvil bourbon cider.

“Cider’s increasing popularity has led to a rise in quality and finesse,” Glunz Craft and Specialty Brands Manager Eric Kobus says. “Sonoma Cider leads the pack in creating products with the same levels of complexity and variety that is found in craft beer today.”

Current Sonoma Cider offerings available to the restaurant, bar, and retail partners of Glunz include:

The Hatchet: A blend of native organic apples provides this cider with more intense flavors. This clean and refreshing hard cider offers a complexity and vibrancy of flavor that walks the line between sweet and tart.

The Pitchfork: This crisp and aromatic cider features the creamy and tart flavors of pear, blended with organic apples for a balanced yet intense flavor profile that strays from traditionally sweet pear ciders.

The Anvil: Rather than bourbon barrel-aging, this cider cuts straight to the chase and is finished with a healthy measure of organic, barrel-proof bourbon flavor. The layered smoky bourbon finish pairs with clean, lively apple flavors for a truly distinct cider.

Founded by father-son duo David and Robert Cordtz with Fred Einstein, a veteran of the alcoholi beverage sales industry, Sonoma Cider challenges the traditional expectations of cider with a lineup of distinctive, all-American flavors. The Healdsburg, CA cidery uses organic fruit grown in the U.S. in its products. Sonoma Cider was selected by Forbes as one of 2013’s hottest start-ups.

“We’re very excited to bring our ciders to the Chicagoland area with Louis Glunz Beer, Inc.,” says CEO David Cordtz, who has more than two decades of experience in both hard cider-making and winemaking. “A family-run company like Glunz can give us the personalized care that we want for Sonoma Ciders.”

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