September 11-15, 2017
Category: Supply Chain

Shedding Light on Energy Efficiency

Stone Brewing recently installed an LED lighting system for its
most recent
expansion at its Escondido, Calif. facility.

Achieving true energy efficiency in the warehouse and packaging facility involves not only upgrades to the latest cutting-edge equipment, but components of an everyday operation that often are taken for granted. One of those, in particular, is lighting. Escondido, Calif.-based Stone Brewing Co., like many other craft breweries, is well-known for its commitment to running an eco-sensitive business. So, it’s no surprise that when it added a 69,000-square-foot packaging addition to its home base, that optimizing lighting efficiency was top of mind for Stone.

Stone chose an LED intelligent lighting system from Digital Lumens.

“The one thing with LEDs, compared to what we previously were going to install, which were T8 high-efficiency bulbs, is that the LED lights just last a lot longer—thousands of hours versus a couple hundred hours,” says Joshua Lichtman, associate project manager for Stone Brewing Co. “The number-two reason we went with LED lights is that very little maintenance is required. We’re probably not going to be replacing those bulbs for a couple of years, versus every two weeks.” The third reason, he notes, relates to the company’s desire to achieve LEED certification for the facility. “Going to the LED lights has helped out our overall energy reduction for the building and it’s helping us get points based on the LEED rating system.”

Stone also wanted to improve its overall light coverage. “The light output that comes out of these LEDs is far superior to the traditional T8 bulbs,” Lichtman says. Another facet of the Digital Lumens LED system that attracted the company is its integrated occupancy sensor and daylight sensor. “The lights make the appropriate adjustments based on the amount of daylight and if there’s anybody around,” Lichtman explains. There’s also a wireless component that enables the lights to be controlled from a central computer, versus switches on the wall.

Stone expects a ROI period of between 1.7 and two years. The company is also in the process of applying LED systems to the rest of its operations. “We are replacing pretty much all of our bulbs here at Stone to LEDs,” he reveals.

So far, the company has replaced all of the lighting in its World Bistro and Gardens, as well as its company stores. It’s also planning to replace its existing lights in its main brewing facility, as well as its distribution centers. Beyond its brewing ativities, Stone also runs Stone Distributing Co. The distribution arm carries not only its own products, but brands from about 35 other craft breweries.

“The remarkable success of Intelligent LED lighting in a wide range of industrial applications—from manufacturing and warehousing to brewing and bottling—is fueling rapidly increasing adoption rates within the commercial and industrial sectors,” says Michael Feinstein, Digital Lumens VP of sales and marketing.

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