September 11-15, 2017
Category: Ingredients

Natural Shelf-life Extender Introduced

Kancor North America introduces Oxikan with a full range of natural antioxidants derived from Rosemary, increasing shelf life in products without the use of chemical ingredients.  Seasoned experts in spice extraction, Kancor North America sees Oxikan as the next generation natural solution to the growing shelf life challenge facing food and beverage manufacturers.
Rosemary is known to be a safe, health-enhancing food ingredient.  Kancor America has identified three active properties in the rosemary molecules that inhibit oxidation.  Oxikan utilizes these molecules for an all-natural ingredient that offers multiple advantages in addition to shelf life extension, including stabilizing natural colors and fighting rancidity in oils, as well as it has superior flow, excellent oil miscibility and a mild rosemary flavor.
“To today’s health conscious world natural still remains a key factor in the food and beverage choices consumers make for themselves and their families,” stated Geemon Korah, CEO of Kancor. “Oxikan offers manufacturers a high performance, high quality natural alternative to extend the shelf life of their products.”
Oxikan comes in a full range of flavor profiles to suit multiple applications and is ideal for meat and poultry products.  In fact, laboratory tests have proven Oxikan’s superior efficacy. The Thiobarbituric Acid Reactives Substances (TBARS) analysis method is the most common way to test for lipid oxidation in meat and poultry products. A TBARS analysis with ground chicken and buffalo patties showed that the samples treated with Oxikan had lower oxidation levels than those that were untreated.
For more than four decades, Kancor Ingredients has offered their customers superior quality ingredients, including Spices, Botanicals, Natural Food Colors and Essential Oils and more. Oxikan now broadens the scope of their offerings by providing added solutions needed to bring products to market.
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