September 11-15, 2017

Ben E. Keith Announces Management Changes

In last week’s meeting, Ben E. Keith Company’s Board of Directors, elected John Howard Hallam, President; Robert Hallam, Jr., Executive Vice President; and appointed James Hallam to the company’s Executive Committee.
John Howard Hallam has worked for Ben E. Keith Company for over 21 years. He has held various positions in both the food and beverage divisions. John holds a BA degree from Tulane University and a MBA degree from the University of Texas at Austin.
Robert Hallam, Jr., has worked at the company for over 19 years. He has filled various positions within the company’s beverage division, including Vice President of Marketing. Robert holds a BA and MBA from Southern Methodist University.
Similarly, James Hallam has held various positions within the beverage division over the last 19 years. Currently, he is the Vice President of Marketing. James holds a BA from St. Edwards University and a MBA from Southern Methodist University.
Howard Hallam, who has served as President of Ben E. Keith Company for 33 years, was elected Vice Chairman of the Board. He will remain fully engaged in the company’s business. John Cannon Hallam was elected as a new member of the Board. Robert G. Hallam remains Chairman of the Board and CEO.
The leadership in the company’s food and beverage divisions remains the same, with Mike Roach as President of the Food.
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