September 11-15, 2017

Coke to Debut Dasani Sparkling.

The Coca-Cola Company has announced the roll out of Dasani Sparkling Water Beverage, an unsweetened, zero-calorie and lightly carbonated beverage with natural flavors. It's available in four varieties: Lime, Lemon, Berry and Apple as well as an unflavored variety.

“Dasani drinkers are looking for ways to stay hydrated throughout the day. Now we’ll be able to offer them another fun, tasty, unsweetened option to ‘Drink Up’” says Mary-Ann Somers, vice president, Water, Tea and Coffee for the Coca-Cola North America Group.

Somers recently joined the Partnership for a Healthier America to celebrate the launch of the Drink Up initiative. Dasani is supporting Drink Up to encourage people to drink more water.

Dasani Sparkling will begin appearing in retail outlets in December 2013, with a national launch scheduled for February 2014. It will be available in a 12-fl. ounce 12-pack, 12 fl. ounce 24-variety pack for Club, and in PET PlantBottle (made with up to 30 percent plant-based materials) in 20 fl. ounce and 1 liter.

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