September 11-15, 2017

Celsius to Launch in South America

Celsius Holdings, Inc., the creator and marketer of negative calorie beverage Celsius has announced a partnership with Latco Beverages for the company’s first expansion into the South American market. Latco will initially focus on distribution in the countries of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.
“We are excited to partner with LATCO BEVERAGES, whose knowledge and experience in production and distribution of healthy beverages will provide Celsius a strong foothold in such a vast market,” states Gerry David, President and CEO of Celsius Holdings, Inc. “As part of our global expansion initiatives, the timing for expansion into Brazil, as future host to the upcoming 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics couldn’t be better. LATCO BEVERAGES fits our partner profile with their existing network of distribution to over 90,000 locations and a renowned reputation for excellence."
“Healthy diets and attention to physical fitness are categories that have seen tremendous growth in Brazil and neighboring countries in recent years,” says Fabricio Zanferrari Rocha, Managing Director of LATCO BEVERAGES. “Celsius is shown to burn calories, reduce body fat, energize metabolism, and provide lasting energy. We feel that these benefits, backed by Celsius’ numerous scientific clinical studies, will represent a new and enticing product category to our consumers and we look forward to being a partner to Celsius.”
LATCO BEVERAGES’ Celsius distribution channels within their markets will include all food and beverage points of sale.  Their existing distribution network currently numbers over 90,000 locations.  Celsius has developed a new product, Sparkling Raspberry Acai Green Tea, for introduction into South America.
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