September 11-15, 2017

A Conversation With. . . Brent Jones of Real Water

Why did you launch Real Water?
Brent Jones:
I was a business lawyer practicing for quite some time in California, but I started to feel like I wasn’t creating real value for society. Having helped to start many businesses and a new interest in my own health, I learned about the E2 Technology.  Knowing the very positive benefits of negative ionization, I decided to launch Real Water using E2 Technology.

How is the brand doing today?
According to a recent SPINS report, Real Water outpaces all key competitive brands in dollar percent growth and sales per point of distribution (SPP) velocity growth in the natural channel. And we have picked up a number of Budweiser distributors while working hard to really break into the conventional grocery store channel. Recently we added Sprouts, Smith’s, Bashas’, HEB and a number of Albertson’s out west to our growing number of chain stores.

Tell us a bit more about the science behind Real Water.
First, it is alkalized. But, you can alkalize with minerals, so other brands are doing this. And although alkalinity is very beneficial health wise, what makes our product so special is the negative ionization. That is the key to our product. You know, you can buy expensive counter top machines that create negative ionization, but it’s not stable. Meaning you can make it, but you have to drink it within a day or two or it loses the beneficial properties of negative ionization.  And that is what makes our water so special—we have figured out how to stabilize the process, bottle it, and it doesn’t lose its negative ionization. Oh, and another thing, the negative ionization creates a very clean smooth taste. People are literally amazed by how good our Real Water tastes.

Are consumers able to understand all of this science?
Jones: A lot of health-minded people really do understand it, and I guess our biggest evidence of this is that we have an overwhelming number of celebrities and athletes who drink our water. And both do tremendous amounts of research on their health for different reasons. Celebrities always want to look young and healthy, and athletes are always training and looking for that competitive edge health wise. But you did identify our biggest challenge—getting people to understand. However, this is also our biggest advantage, because once customers do understand our E2 Technology, they become very loyal to our brand.


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