September 11-15, 2017

New Packaging for McKenna Bourbon

Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. announced the launch of new packaging for both Henry McKenna Bourbon and Henry McKenna Bottled-In-Bond Single Barrel Bourbon. The graphically bolder and more modern looking label updates are occurring as Heaven Hill expands distribution of both bottlings.

Henry McKenna, which has been a top selling bourbon in the middle Atlantic states for many years, is named for the pioneer who brought his family’s whiskey recipe with him from Ireland in 1837 and founded his U.S. distillery in Fairfield, Kentucky in 1855. The brand was sold to the Seagram Company in 1941, and then subsequently to Heaven Hill Distilleries. Heaven Hill launched the Henry McKenna Single Barrel line extension in 1994.

The standard 80 proof bottling, which has a national average retail price of $15.99 for the 750ml size, has a new neck, face and back label, as well as a new brown cap, and is offered in the new packaging in 1.75 liter, 1.0 liter, 750ml and 375ml sizes. The new labels are a deep brown color with a subtle leather-like pattern behind them, with cream and tan accents and type. The brand logotype has been updated with a more contemporary typeface and graphic treatment. The face label features a cartouche with “Est. 1855” prominently displayed, along with a replica of Henry McKenna’s signature and “Sour Mash” reversed out of the brown field. The neck wrap features the same logotype treatment and signature reproduction, while the new back label tells the story of young Henry McKenna’s emigration to the US and rise as a prominent Bourbon maker.

In addition, retail point of sale items reflecting the new look of Henry McKenna 80 proof have been created and are available to help retailers draw attention to the brand on the shelf or on the floor.

The new packaging for the Single Barrel 10 Year Old Bottled-In-Bond utilizes the same “Henry McKenna” logotype as the 80 proof bottling, but renders it in subtle cream against a deep green field with gold foil accents. Commensurate with its status as a super-premium single barrel product, it features an antiqued strip stamp and a booklet neck hanger that tells the story of Henry McKenna, and explains the terms “single barrel” and “bottled-in-bond”.  The face label also graphically emphasizes the “Aged 10 Years” and “Since 1855” statements, and has an area where the specific barrel number and “barreled on” date for each bottle is hand-written. The Henry McKenna Single Barrel Bottled-In-Bond carries a national average retail price of $29.99 for the 750ml, the only available size.


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