September 11-15, 2017

Mims Expands NA Portfolio with Cabana Lemonade

Mims Distributing Company, a beer distributor that services a nine-county area in North Carolina, has announced that it has added Cabana Lemonade to its roster of beverages, expanding its nonalcoholic offerings, which include Arizona Tea, SunnyD and Playboy Energy Drink.

Manufactured by Pulse Beverage in Denver, Cabana Lemonade is 100 percent natural lemonade that is free of artificial sweeteners and provides reduced calories in comparison to most other commercial products in its category. The lemonade is ready-to-drink from a 20 fluid-ounce glass bottle. Cabana Lemonade is available in six flavors, original, strawberry, cherry, island spice, tropical mango and blueberry, the most recent addition to the line that came onto the market in October 2012.

Mims Distributing will be the first partner for Cabana Lemonade in the state of North Carolina. Other locations where the beverage is available include South Carolina, Florida and Oklahoma.span style="font-size:12px"> “We are thrilled by our partnership with Pulse Beverage,” says Chip Mims, CEO. “Being their first partner in North Carolina is a privilege. Cabana Lemonade is a refreshing all-natural drink that is sure to please people across the Triangle.”

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