September 11-15, 2017

Miss. Distillery Launches Pecan-Flavored Vodka

Mississippi’s first legal distillery, Cathead, launches Cathead pecan-flavored vodka. This is the first fall offering from Cathead, in addition to their Cathead Vodka (distilled six times and charcoal filtered) and its spring/summer honeysuckle-flavored vodka. Cathead Pecan, described as a Southern-fashioned spirit made from all-natural ingredients, hits the shelves throughout the South early this fall.
Produced by Bottle Tree Beverage Company at its Gluckstadt, Miss. distillery, this 70 proof spirit is made with Mississippi-grown roasted pecans. The pecans come from Bass Pecan, just down the road from Cathead Distillery. A very careful maceration, accompanied by a stainless steel aging process allows the roasted pecans to add a depth of flavors to this vodka, the distiller says.  Plus, no artificial coloring or flavors are used in the making of this process. 
“We use only Mississippi grown pecans in this vodka, and there is roughly one ounce of pecans in each bottle,” says Cathead’s distiller Phillip Ladner.  “The end result: a very smooth vodka showcasing the flavorful notes from the roasting process and the sweetness of the pecan.”
The name, Cathead, stems from a loose reference across the Mississippi Delta region for blues musicians—Cat Heads. As part of the brand’s common interest in preserving and protecting the cultural history of Southern food, beverages, music and the arts, it established a partnership with Music Maker Relief Foundation (MMRF) where a portion of its proceeds goes to its foundation partners across our markets. Cathead also partners and supports additional non-profits including Mississippi’s Yoknapatawpha Arts Council, Southern Foodways Alliance, Louisiana’s New Orleans Musicians Assistance Fund and Alabama’s Magic City Blues Society.

“Having both grown up in the South, Austin and I wanted to develop a product that was relevant to the food and beverage culture and history of the region, and pecan was a perfect fit. The pecan flavor pairs well with common alcohol mixers, and it also has great crossover appeal for the craft-cocktail scene. We pride ourselves on producing unique and regionally significant products.  We are thrilled to launch Pecan into the market and look forward to seeing how it’s received” comments Patrick.
Cathead Pecan will be a seasonal vodka that is soon available in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida Panhandle, Virginia, Indiana and Colorado.

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