September 11-15, 2017

AquaBall Makes a Splash from Coast to Coast

True Drinks is starting initiatives on two coasts to supply children’s summer programs with AquaBall Naturally Flavored Water as part of an ongoing effort to bring parents a new and better choice for summer hydration.
“We’re hoping with a better option, we can wean children from sugary soft drinks and juices,” says Lance Leonard, CEO of True Drinks. “With each additional sugary drink a child consumes per day, the risk of obesity increases by an astonishing 60 percent. We see summer as a critical time to make a start, to make a change and we want to put a bottle of AquaBall in the hands of thirsty children across America.”
AquaBall Naturally Flavored Water has No Artificial colors or flavors and is enhanced with Vitamins B6, B12, B3 and C. Sweetened with Stevia, an all-natural sweetener, it contains Zero Calories.  
AH! Media Solutions organized and promoted the events in Los Angeles and Charlotte where thousands of bottles of AquaBall were donated for the kickoff and ongoing summer programs. The Woodcraft Rangers event brought hundreds of children to South Gate Park for an outdoor exercise program, followed with ice cold AquaBall and a demonstration of the benefits of proper hydration to encourage kids to learn what’s IN the drinks they choose and to explore recycling options.   
“Sometimes you can lead a child to water, but you can’t make them drink,” says Robert Van Boerum, True Drinks Marketing Director. “In this case healthy hydration never tasted better. Kids here loved AquaBall and learned that good taste and good hydration don’t have to include hundreds of calories and sugar filled drinks.”
In Los Angeles the number one television station turned out to produce a piece on the most important story of the day. Univision devoted an entire segment to heat and hydration.  The most widely read Spanish Newspaper in the United States, La Opinión, also showed to cover the event and devote an article to the importance of True Drinks’ message of healthy hydration and the effort to fight childhood obesity.
In Charlotte, the county’s Park and Recreation Department distributed AquaBall to two public pools where inner city children learned that it was just as important to drink water, even while cooling down during the summer’s heat.
“The kids love AquaBall,” says Genni Reel, Aquatics Director for the Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation Department. “We’ve expanded our distribution to two other programs. The donation has really helped our kids.”
That event drew the attention of WCNC Charlotte and their health segment of the day. WBTV Charlotte followed the connection between proper hydration and combating childhood obesity. WSOC Charlotte covered A Better World Charlotte’s program to combat childhood obesity, where a donation of AquaBall will provide healthy hydration for their entire summer schedule.
“We are very pleased with these kickoff events,” says Lance Leonard, CEO of True Drinks. “In two cities on either side of the country we are finding that communities are starting their own initiatives to fight childhood obesity. There is no more waiting while the statistics continue to grow alarming. Cities, communities and parents want action now. We want to be part of that change.”
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