September 11-15, 2017

Marble Brewery Offers More 'Breaking Bad' Beer Details

Just as fans of the hit AMC series “Breaking Bad” gear up the show’s final eight episodes later this summer, Albuquerque-based Marble Brewery is concocting a special tribute beer to mark the occasion.

“Breaking Bad” is set and filmed in Marble’s hometown and observant viewers will have noticed that the brewery’s products have shown up in some scenes.

The Instagram feed for a site called Breaking Bad Locations this week announced that the tribute beers were in the works. named Heisenberg’s Dark after lead character Walter White’s increasingly diabolical meth-cooking alter-ego, is in the works and will be featured during the series eight remaining episodes. Marble Brewery co-founder and brew master Ted Rice confirmed to Beverage World that the brewery will be producing two offerings: Heisenberg's Dark, a black IPA named after lead character Walter White's increasingly diabolical meth-cooking alter-ego and empire builder, and Walt's White Lie, a white IPA.

"It's just something we're doing for fun," says Rice. "Obviously, 'Breaking Bad' is filmed in Albuquerque, our beers have been on the show numerous times and some of the cast members have been to the brewery to enjoy a beer after a day of shooting. I enjoy the show, it's entertaining and with some of the aspects of it coming together, it really hits home for me.

Quite literally: Rice noted that the exterior of his house was used in one of last year's episodes (for fans of the show, it was the one where Mike Ehrmantraut was seemingly being led into a trap, but he was one step ahead of his would-be assassin).

Both beers will be available starting Aug. 8—three days before the premiere of the first of the final eight 'Breaking Bad' episodes—in New Mexico and through Marble's Colorado and Arizona distributors. It's a draught-only offering.

"If we were going to do bottles, we'd have to go through federal label approval and that obviously takes a lot of time," Rice says. "Really I'm just trying to create a local tribute beer and if it gets out to neighboring states, that's great."

The brewery's planning on producing a very limited volume.

"I've been telling everybody that I was going to do a 30-barrel batch, which will yield 60 kegs," Rice reveals. "But my wife, who works at the brewery as well, said, 'You know, you might have to brew more of this if we're going to release it Aug. 8 and our viewing party at the brewery is not until a month later. We might be out by then.'

It could prove to be a minor boost in New Mexico beer tourism business.

"If people are really interested in this beer, they should fly to Albuquerque and see the 'Breaking Bad' sites, drink some beer and come to our viewing parties," Rice suggests.

As for the locals, he's hoping for a few in particular: "Hopefully some of the cast will come in and tip back a pint or two with me."


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