September 11-15, 2017

Cap-Release Drink 989 Expands Distribution

989 On Demand, the 100 percent natural vitamin hydration beverage boasting patented cap-release technology continues its rapidly growing distribution expansion.  

After launching in Spring 2012 with a successful Northeast debut, 989 On Demand continues to outperform expectations with high demands in the area and across the country, the company reports. Currently distributed by Polar Beverages, U.S. Foods, Cooper Booth, AWI, A-Treat Beverages, and Core-Mark, 989 On Demand is available at popular retail locations including select Shop-Rite locations, Duane Reade, Gristedes and Tedeschi Food Shops, among others.

According to Datamonitor, the global non-alcohol beverage market is valued at just under $500 billion worldwide. Fortified beverages perform functions such as hydration, prevention and aid of health conditions, enhance athletic performance and contribute to our overall nutritional well-being. These beverages are just a fraction of the total non-alcohol beverage market and yet are valued at an estimated $60 billion. The appeal of 989 On Demand as a fortified beverage is the contents of its patented cap, which houses the 9 vitamins, 84 minerals from the Himalayan Salt, plus 5 electrolytes (hence the name 989), in addition to being sweetened with 100 percent green leaf Stevia. 

"We're thrilled the demand for this beverage has been so great within our first year of sales," noted Jody Piagesi, director of marketing and customer relations at H2M Beverages. "We are dealing with educated consumers who understand the market and are demanding smarter, better options. The fact that we are supplying this segment of the market with exactly what they want and need is evident through the demand for our product."

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