September 11-15, 2017

Kraft Foodservice Launches Bev1 Brands

Kraft Foodservice has launched Bev1 Brands, a platform that unifies the full portfolio of Kraft hot and cold beverage brands. From iconic coffee brands to refreshing, easy-to-sell cold drinks, Bev1 Brands provides operators with everything they need to meet their demands including products, equipment, merchandising and service support.
The Bev1 Brands umbrella includes the following Kraft brands:
CAPRI SUN – the juice pouch drinks that are a favorite of kids and parents1
COUNTRY TIME – good, old-fashioned lemonade customers love
CRYSTAL LIGHT – the #1-selling non-carbonated sugar-free drink mix2 
GENERAL FOODS INTERNATIONAL – indulgent creamy café-style coffee     
GEVALIA – premium coffee that embodies European refinement
KOOL-AID – the refreshing drink loved by kids of all ages
MAXWELL HOUSE – consistently rich and satisfying full-bodied coffee
TANG – the orange drink that hydrates and energizes 
TASSIMO PRO – the one-touch system for indulgent specialty coffee beverages 
YUBAN – 100% premium, full-flavored arabica coffee 
Bev1 Brands gives operators access to the National Equipment Center that provides support and service to qualifying accounts across the entire portfolio. The National Equipment Center will ensure equipment runs at peak efficiency with routine service updates and maintenance. Operators will also have access to 24-hour customer service representatives and a national network of approved service companies to ensure immediate solutions and complete support. 
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